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Saints Of The Most High! What It Do????  WOW, just typing  those word on the computer again sent shivers down my spine. It’s been a minute since the last review, and by the Grace of  God, I’m Baaackk! I’ve been in the process of aiding an up and coming secular hip hop group  stay on the path they have chosen of clean and fun music. In the process, I have also placed HS in position to be broadcast weekly as an information and review show. More information on that will be forthcoming, but in the interim, I was also introduced to the music ministry of GO 2(Psalms Group), a powerful new hip hop duo out of Roswell, Georgia. This city of  Roswell has experienced a landing that they may never have to worry about recovering from. GO 2 is bringing  R & B infused hip hop, wrapped in a whole lot of faith and encouragement to the mainstream. The title track “Push” from the recently released project “Push” is a grinding joint backed with a head banging beat, and sync handclaps driving the tempo. The rapid fire raps layered by the vocal abilities of Lerish and Vizun keep the song  party  worthy, and praise ready. I found “Getaway” to be another standout track from these two surprising artist. Their music is identified as being hip hop, but clearly their vocal talents transcend just being able to flow. Harmony and unison is a huge part of this entire project. The smooth lyrics and hook on “Getaway” will actually take you away as you allow yourself to be consumed by it’s  pure sound. Smooth vocals, smoother flow, loved it!! “He Will Make A Way”, another amazing track on this stellar CD project, is the track that introduced me to GO 2, and can be referred to as the “fool you track”. I initially believed this to be a new joint from Boyz 2 Men, or an upstart cover group. This song is simple beautiful. The production and music arrangement feature an East Coast groove that has the capability to catapult GO 2 into the same stratosphere once occupied by secular boy groups. Lerish and Vizun  really display their vocal stylings, and inspire you with a sweet melody of insurance from the Lord. There is so much wonderful music of worship and praise on “Push”, especially for the youth,  that I can’t give you something on every track, because it would spoil the gift you would receive as you experience it as I did for the first time. This CD is definitely one that should be in hard drive of every adult, young adult, teen, and juvenile. Wait to you hear how they flipped a traditional campfire song and bedtime prayer in “KumByah”!! GO 2 is definitely snapping for the Lord, and Holy Smokes, is snapping for GO 2.

“Push” is currently distributed Nationwide by Fontana/Universal, and is available for downloads at all online locations, to include Best Buy.com. Buy this CD, and support this awesome ministry. God Bless, Much Success, In Jesus Name!







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