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Samuel Abraham Jr.

became interested in music at a very early age. The home he grew up in with his mother, and later his stepfather was always filled with the sounds of the old Gospel and R & B greats. He was very familiar with the music of Mahalia Jackson, and James Cleveland, as much as he was, with the music of Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding. Sam as he likes to be called joined Fidelity Missionary Baptist Church, and was baptized at the age of ten. He immediately became a member of the choir, and was subsequently selected for a soloist position, after demonstrating his vocal abilities. During his years at Fidelity MB Church, Sam was selected to be trained as a pianist and organist. He occupied the role of minister of music, and choir director, until his inception in the US Air Force, in 1979. While in the Air force, stationed in Madrid, Spain, Sam began to Rap in the local discotheques, and clubs in Madrid’s popular tourist destination, downtown’s Calle Orense. He quickly became a crowd favorite, and was often seen performing at two or three clubs per night.          

Sam returned to Chicago in 1984, and immediately began to pursue a career as a rap artist. Chicago was not the most popular city for rap music, but, had began to embrace the music, though it had produced no rap stars. Performing under the stage name “Grandmaster Sauce”, Sam’s first  recorded single, “In Chicago In ‘84"(unreleased), was an ode to the major news stories occupying the lives of Chicagoans daily, and a crowd pleaser at local events. Sam’s second  recorded single, “Your Love Freeze’s  Me”(unreleased), was aided with background vocals and tracks provided by Vern Allison, and  Marvin III, son’s of two of  the members of the famed  Dell’s singing group of international acclaim. Sam abandoned his quest at becoming an international rap artist due to time and age constraints. He immediately began to produce, promote, and book artist that continued to desire their moment in the spotlight of the music industry.
As an executive producer, Sam was instrumental in completion and release of the second album of well known Chicago artist Kebin “The Smooth Balladeer” Carr, currently still performing, but, in the Christian Music Industry. He also started All That Record Label, and released the maxi-single of Jozpel Bass Musician Minister Pennell C. Johnson. Pennell currently continues his music dreams as the bass player for Gospel Recording Artist Darius Brooks. Sam spent two years as the co-manager and producer/promoter with Chicago Blues artist New Orleans Beau and his Big Easy Band. He also worked in the Blues industry alongside artist Johnny Drummer, Tyrone Davis, and Shirley King. Sam was instrumental in the resurgence of Lee’s Unleaded Blue’s as the premier location on the South Side to hear traditional blues music. Sam has assisted in the promotion or booking of many well known jazz artist. He has been privileged to work with Laura Walls, Roger Weaver, Oscar Seaton, and many others. He has been interviewed on radio, and featured in a French magazine article.



                  Music : "I'm Ready Now ", Portia Young, Freedom Ministries Unlimited